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Opening Times & Age Restrictions for both buildings

Ages for our buildings are 0 – 11 years old for play, any children between 12 and 15 will be required to be seated at a table within the building and will not be allowed to play or supervise any other children.  You are not charged for these children to enter the building.  If older children are found to be on the equipment they will be removed by a member of staff.

Monday to Sunday, 10am-6pm   Last entry strictly 5pm.(Full prices will still be chargeable)
VIP Parties 6pm-8pm and Disco Parties, 6.30pm-8.30pm

Monday to Friday

Weekday prices Monday – Friday
Under 6 months – Free
6 months – under 1 year – £1.50
1 Year –
Under 5’s – 4.00
Over 5’s – £5.00

Weekends & Holidays
Under 6 months – Free
6 months – under 1 year – £1.50
1 Year –
Under 5’s – £5.00
Over 5’s – £5.75

First Adult Free, £1 for each additional adult.

Sensory Room
1 hour – £4 per child.  The room is only available for children under 1 year, and disabled children. If you are visiting us for the use of the sensory room and have more than one child,  or other children over 1, please ensure there will be another adult to look after the older children should this be required, as they will not be allowed into the Sensory room.

1hr Sensory Room + 1hr Soft Play
Weekdays – £5.00
Weekends – £6.00


Registered Childminders will receive a £1 discount per Child, every visit. (Please note you will be asked for proof,  i.e a card or notification from your local council). Childminders do not receive discount for their own children.

Play Session Stamps

We implement a colored stamp system. Stamps will be issued when you arrive at the building running on the system below, all children will be stamped on entry to the building, when you leave after your session you will be asked for your name that you signed in with, this is for everyone to comply with health & safety regulations within the building  This system allows us to keep track of people in the building at all times for safety and fire regulations. Please remember that weekends are our buildings busiest times and as such you may have to join a queue when you arrive at the centre, we suggest that if you are meeting as a group to all arrive and enter the building together, this will mean that you will all remain together as a group.  We as a playcentre  have the right to refuse entry to customers who are abusive to any member of staff. When stamps are called you will be required to leave the building as playtime will be over, Please be respectful of this as other parents can be waiting to enter the play area.

Sessions are as follows
Entrance between 10.00 -10.30am Time out 12pm (Red Stamp)
Entrance between 10.30 -11.00am Time out 12.30pm (Lilac Stamp)
Entrance between 11.00 -11.30am Time out 13.00pm (Green Stamp)
Entrance between 11.30 -12.00pm Time out 13.30pm (Blue Stamp)
Entrance between 12.00 -12.30pm Time out 14.00pm(Purple Stamp)
Entrance between 12.30 -13.00pm Time out 14.30pm (Red Stamp)
Entrance between 13.00 -13.30pm Time out 15.00pm (Lilac Stamp)
Entrance between 13.30 -14.00am Time out 15.30pm (Green Stamp)
Entrance between 14.00 -14.30pm Time out 16.00pm (Blue Stamp)
Entrance between 14.30 -15.00pm Time out 16.30pm(Purple Stamp)
Entrance between 15.00 -15.30pm Time out 17.00pm (Red Stamp)
Entrance between 15.30 -16.00pm Time out 17:30pm (Lilac Stamp)
Entrance between 16.30 -17:00pm Time out 18.00pm (Green Stamp)
Entrance between 17.00 -17.15pm Time out 18.00pm (Blue Stamp)
There is no entry after this time.

Colour of stamps dependant on building i.e Douglas/Camperdown may vary but times and sessions remain the same.

Safety First

Socks must be worn at all times whilst playing in the Play Area. These can be purchased for £1 per pair.  Baby area is strictly for baby’s under 2 years of age, and toddler area is for children up to 4 years,  Older children will be asked to leave these areas if they are found to be playing within them. If you have booked a party with ourselves this does not allow the older children  from the party to play in these areas, and a responsible adult must supervise the child/children at all times. The responsible adult must be 16 years of age. Parents are advised to ensure children are wearing long trousers and long sleeved t-shirts when visiting the building, for their own personal safety.

Toddler’s Activity Programme (Not Running At Present).

The Fun Factory runs activity programmes aimed at Toddlers, weekdays from 11am & 1.30pm.
To find out more, click here

Birthday Party Packages

The best way to spend your Birthday is at the Fun Factory!
Our special offers and fantastic party packages give the kids a Party to remember!

View our range of Parties here

You can book online or call us on 01382 501725 for Douglas Building or 01382 828230 for our Camperdown Building.


Toddler Activity Classes
Party Invitations

Multi Session Passes

Each Session lasts 2 hours, and are discounted when purchased in bulk.
3 Sessions – £11.00
5 Sessions – £17.50

10 Sessions – £33.50
20 Sessions – £60.00

Valid Weekdays only. Passes give one child access to The Fun Factory’s soft play areas for the number of sessions purchased.
Cannot be used for Parties or Sensory Room.
Pass cannot be refunded, transferred or exchanged for cash. Please keep safe. Lost or stolen passes cannot be replaced. Cannot be used with any other offer.