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Sensory Room

Our sensory room is available at the Camperdown Fun Factory only.

What is a Sensory Room?

A Sensory Room is a place where children and adults with special needs can explore and develop their senses and skills. The multi-sensory room can have many different features ranging from soft play areas, padded floors and walls and interactive equipment which make dramatic changes to the sensory room environment using sound and lighting.

What are the benefits of a Sensory Room?

A Multisensory room can engage children who can learn through play. From following bright lights, shapes and patterns with their eyes to pressing buttons to make the sensory room change colour or even change colour to music. Users will become interested in their environment and due to the flexible functionality of the multisensory room it can also be used to calm and de-stress.


What is Included At The Fun Factory?

Large fibre optic board
The large fibre optic board creates a lovely aesthetic in a sensory room, especially in areas of low light. Numerous fibre optic strands are woven amongst the board’s fibres and these strands then display lights which can either stay constant or can go on and off intermittently. The board also has a fury texture to it which adds to the sensory experience.

Infinity Tunnel Panel
This magical sensory panel uses mirrors and LED lights to create a sense of depth and wonder to a flat panel. The different LED lights can also change colour on an automatic timer to give the product a different aesthetic and dynamic. This is a great product for users of all abilities.

Atmospheric Projector
This mains powered projector is an effective way of creating an interesting visual around a space. The visuals that it produces can either be projected around the space or targeted onto one wall. The different visuals are contained on interchangeable disks which automatically rotate to allow the visual projection to move on the wall.

Large Sound Activated Light
Whilst children are having fun making sounds and noises this activates the multi coloured lights, lots of noisy fun to be had.

Giant Sensory Beanbag
The giant sensory beanbag is a useful addition to a sensory area as it can be used by people of all ages. Users are able to sit or lie on it whilst using other pieces or sensory equipment, or manipulate it into different shapes. The small foam pieces inside it also add a tactile element to the beanbag.